Reading for Life

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Reading For Life – Aphasia Book Clubs

Are you interested in joining a book club, but concerned about your struggles with reading, writing, talking, and listening? Then Reading for Life may be just the activity for you.

Reading for Life is a modified book club that caters to the individual speech and language needs of its members. This modified approach to speech therapy provides the opportunity to work on areas of difficulty in a social, intellectual, and accepting environment. This group is led by a licensed speech-language pathologist, and meets approximately once a month at various locations. Modifications include study guides for each chapter/ story, “note-taking” strategies for later use during discussions, resources for books on tape and large-print books, and a trained therapist to help facilitate effective communication during meetings.

How to join a Reading For Life Book Club….

Call the number below to set up a free orientation session. In this free session, you learn more about the book club, and participate in activities that determine your placement into your individual groups of 4-5 people. Each book club meeting costs $40.00, which includes a book study guide to complete while reading/ listening to the book. Members then use their study guides to help them participate in the group. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Jennifer Simon Triandafilou, MA, CCC-SLP
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