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March 19, 2018


Jennifer Simon Triandafilou, MA, CCC-SLP

jenniferI received my bachelor’s degree in communication disorders and education from the University of Wisconsin in Madison (GO BADGERS). I then returned to my home state of Maryland to receive my master’s degree in speech pathology from George Washington University in Washington, DC.

For the first 7 years of my career, I worked in a variety of settings with the adult neurogenic population to include acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient services, and transitional rehabilitation programs. After starting a family, I started Simon Says, a private practice based in Rockville, MD. Working with stroke survivors and their families has been a passion of mine since graduate school. There are few things more rewarding than striving to help clients improve their communication skills, and return to a life they enjoyed before their stroke.

With this in mind, I developed an aphasia book club program called Reading for Life in 2002. This innovative therapy approach has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. We now have 3 book clubs locally, and numerous groups using the Reading for Life approach and materials nationally and internationally.

Recently, after choosing to get braces for the second time in my life, I saw many children and adults struggling to see permanent changes with their expensive orthodontic investment. After researching and conferring with orofacial myofunctional therapists, orthodontists, and dentists, I found a new area of interest in the field speech pathology. I developed two programs: A Thumbs Up! Program to help children eliminate their thumb/finger sucking habits, and a Tongue thrust remediation program in an effort to help those patients have long term success.

Whether working with adults and children in groups or individually, I have always practiced with the premise that speech therapy is a team approach. We need parents, teachers, doctors, family, friends, and, of course, the client to work together in an effort to achieve success. I am looking forward to getting to know you and provide the best speech therapy services possible!