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March 19, 2018


“Jennifer helped our 6 year old son stop sucking his thumb “over night”! She helped him to be successful and very proud of his accomplishment. Thanks to the Thumbs Up program, we were able to avoid a very awkward orthodontic appliance that would have been placed in our son’s mouth. We recommend this to anyone who has a thumb sucker.”

–          Nancy E.

“Miss J. with the Simon Says program is the absolute reason our daughter stopped sucking her thumb.  She has made what felt like an incredibly daunting and overwhelming task, seem like a walk in the park.  Her enthusiasm, kind, nurturing manner immediately put our daughter at ease, and her clear, articulate and tangible explanations made our goal for our daughter to stop sucking her thumb, become attainable.

When we got home from our first meeting, she was eager to get started, making our calendar, finding a special place for her things and talked about what she would do when she went to sleep and did not need her thumb.  Jay’s encouraging and motivating morning calls kept us all invested and as a result, great strides were quickly made and she never looked back.

Thank you Miss J.  for impacting our daughter’s life in such a positive and wonderful manner, we are so grateful!”

–          S.C