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March 19, 2018

Policies and Procedures

Please review the following document, sign, and bring to your initial session. Therapy cannot start without a signed document.

Policies and Procedures (Click for printable copy)

An Initial Evaluation is completed if an evaluation has not been completed by a Speech-Language Pathologist in the past year. It is based on a $100/ hour rate or part thereof billed in 15 minute increments. Dependent upon the type of evaluation, they may be administered over two sessions and are billed for the total time required to assess, score tests, conference with parents/ family, and write up the report.

  1. Therapy Sessions may vary in duration but are not longer than 50 minutes. It is expected that the client arrive at their scheduled time. If you are late, therapy will still end at the scheduled time. Rates are $100/ session.
  2. Invoicing/ Paperwork– You will be provided with an invoice at the time of service or at the end of the month, at your discretion. If an evaluation is required, you will be charged for the time required to complete testing and write-up of the evaluation. Progress notes are provided on a 2-3 month basis, upon request. Session data documentation is available upon request as well.
  3. Insurance companies may reimburse for speech and language services, though this is not guaranteed. Your invoice will include diagnostic and CPT codes to submit to your insurance company. If any further documentation is required, it will be provided upon request. In addition, standards for reimbursement vary from company to company. I will not deal with the insurance companies directly, but can provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to upon request.
  4. Parking is on the street around the side of the house on Nature Lane. Access to and from the treatment room is on the side yard and down the steps to the lower level.
  5. The Cancellation Policy is strict since I only accept a limited number of clients at any given time. At least 24 hours notice of cancellation is requested, but I understand some emergencies do occur. Cancellations due to anything other than illness must be made more than 48 hours in advance. If the session is not cancelled in advance, you will be charged the full session fee. I allow 1 cancellation per month provided proper notice is given. After that, you will be billed for all remaining sessions in a given month. Given adequate notice, I will do my best to provide a make-up session.

(only for Reading for Life, Thumbs Up!, and Tongue Thrust group programs)

  1. Group Payment Schedules vary depending on the group. Reading for Life Book Clubs are billed quarterly at $120/3 months. The Tongue Thrust Remediation Program in a GROUP setting is $1400/ 6 month program and is paid in two payments (half prior to the initiation of classes and the remaining half 3 months in). This rate is based upon 8 weekly, 4 bi-weekly, and 2 monthly sessions. Groups are only formed when age, diagnosis, and therapy goals deem appropriate. Otherwise tongue thrust clients are seen individually and charged on a per session basis.


(only for Thumbs Up!- a thumb sucking elimination program)

  1. The Thumbs Up! program is a 1 month regimen with 3 visits and frequent phone consultations. The program is $350 paid in full at the initial meeting. If the thumb sucking habit is not eliminated after 30 days with full compliance to the program for that month, a $200 reimbursement will be issued. Services can continue at the regular hourly rate if the client is close to eliminating sucking behaviors, and the parents are interested in continuing to work towards success.